X-marks the Spot

Catch me if you can !!!

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‚ÄčMy daughters and I had a great time exploring Reno as we ran around collecting clues to get to the next destination.  The adventure quest was fun and educational too.  We actually learned some historical information about Reno that we didn't even know, and I have lived her for 38 years!  Great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend some quality time together with family or friends.  

Jennifer L

I did X-Marks the Spot for my birthday. It was such a great adventure around Reno.  We all had the best time following clues and solving riddles to find the next location!  I would definitely recommend this to anybody interested in a fun adventure!

Jacklyn W

We had a great time!  We were running from the time we started until we crossed the finish line.  We learned some fun things about Reno and discovered some new locations downtown.  Glad we had some native Reno-ians on our team.  (They totally helped us win!)  Reno has a beautiful downtown area. 4 stars

My ten year old son and I just recently did a quest and it was a blast!  It was great way to spend quality time with your child(ren) and learn some great historical stuff about Reno.  It was a bit of work, both mentally and physically, but well worth the fun!
I also thought it was great and thoughtful for the local businesses to be kind enough to help with this fun adventure!  Kudos to all the businesses as I know that my son and I will return to some of these business to spend more time inside, as time was a factor on our first visit   - lol.  
I highly recommend it to everyone who loves a great adventure!

Article in Reno News and Review  2/16/2012